Golf, Life, and Engineering

As I’m watching the Masters golf tournament this Easter weekend, I can’t help but be reminded of the never ending parallels between golf, life, and also our professions such as engineering, architecture, and construction.

Probably the one that stands out to me is that like in golf your success is impacted more by your bad shots than your good ones. Some of the most successful design and construction work occurs with little excitement, fanfare, or accolades. And that’s ok. In engineering it is critical to stay focused and keep your important decisions “in front of you”. Get careless or sloppy and pay a heavy price.

On the importance of follow through. I’s nice to hit a great shot into the green and get full of yourself. Be humble and focus on sinking the 3 foot put waiting at the other end. Because without it, you havent gained anything. Do the same on your projects.

Know when to take risks. Take risks when the reward is worth it but plan carefully and execute them with confidence.

Dont get down if things dont go your way. If  a project starts to go south on you or if you dont like the circumstances, dont write it off or avoid it. Work even harder on your tough or messy tasks. You will usually find that your situation is never as bad as it seems and a good shot is right around the corner.

And of course…..Dont cheat. Use the best equipment. Have fun. If your going to play the game, give 100%.

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