Is Newer Better?

Like my finance professor would tell me “It’s not the investment that is risky. It’s your ‘position’ in the investment that makes it risky.” The same is true for investments in alternative energy and new technologies such as LED lighting and solar energy. Its not the technology that makes a good or bad investment. Its your ‘position’ in the technology that makes for a good or bad investment. Unfortunately there are no easy consistent answers. One needs to consider many variables including one’s cost of capital, financing, energy codes, LEED Certification, energy prices (not to mention future energy prices), tax incentives, maintenance and disposal costs, among others. As with most decisions, only after looking at the whole picture will one find the best solution and many times the traditional technologies come out ahead. So, embrace new technologies but do so only when it makes sense and don’t be afraid to strike a balance between new and traditional technologies whenever possible.

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