New addition to Volta US

Joel SikenI’d like to introduce you to one of Volta US’s newest team members, Joel Siken. He accepted our offer of employment on February 25, 2016 as Junior Designer. Joel is originally from Lodi, California and relocated to Phoenix to attend Arizona State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. When asked why he wanted to go into electrical engineering, his response was “When I was growing up I would have nerf wars with my friends and I never felt my automatic nerf gun had enough power. Thus, I took it apart and modified it to fire at three times rate with two times the power. I forever struck fear and awe into my nerf waring friends. This was my first experience engineering something and I have enjoyed ever since.”

When asked about his experience working at Volta US thus far, Joel shared the following: “Billy (AKA the boss) buys us lunch at least once a week and picks some great places to eat. I am a little at odds with my partners-in- crime as Billy loves the Dodgers, my co-worker loves the Diamondbacks, and I love the Giants, so we will see if I am still around come playoffs. However, they are always there for me when I need advice and are some of the best mentors I know. Jasmine, our executive administrator, is one of the friendliest you can talk to. I haven’t known her long, but you wouldn’t be able to tell because we talk like we’ve been friends for years! Overall, I am proud and excited to be joining Volta US.” Joel will work closely with the engineering and technical design staff. We are looking forward to growing together as a team. Let’s welcome Joel to Volta US!

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