Latest Addition to the Volta US Team – Naga Borra

nagaI’d like to introduce Naga Borra, one of the newest team members of Volta US. He accepted our offer of employment on August 4th, 2016 as Engineer I. Naga started his career as a Software Engineer at Mindtree (multi-national IT services company) right after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in India. He then relocated to the United States to receive his Master’s Degree in Electric Power and Energy Systems at Arizona State University.

Naga’s overall goal is to utilize the knowledge and experience he’s gained in the past to solve real world problems. He’s keen on making a meaningful contribution to the Energy Sector and said he feels VoltaUS provides the right environment to grow while working on live projects.

Naga shared a few thoughts about his employee experience thus far, the Volta team, and company culture as follows:

It is a great experience working at VoltaUS. Though I’m still new here, I feel that I got acquainted to the team and work culture quickly. I enjoy the type of work I do at VoltaUS. Designing the electrical circuits for distribution systems is what I do in a nutshell. It gets more and more interesting everyday as I’m exposed to a variety of electric power systems and facilities.”

Team Volta is very friendly and welcoming so it took me no time to settle down and get rolling. The scope to learn something new every day is the best part of working at VoltaUS. Every project has its own intricacies and constraints which makes it challenging and more interesting.”

It’s fun to be part of team Volta. The team is diverse and that makes it more fun. Though there are a couple of “serious” work hours of absolute silence where nothing can be heard apart from the keyboard and mouse clicks, the whole office turns into a stadium when there is an exciting baseball or football game going.” 

Outside of work, Naga enjoys traveling, hiking, watching movies and TV series. He also has a special interest in science, astronomy and technology advances. We are pleased to have Naga join our team. Let’s welcome Naga to Volta US!

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