Latest addition to Volta US – Nick Haro


Nick Haro.jpgNicolas Haro joined our team as a Junior Designer/CAD Drafter earlier this year.    

Nicholas shared a few thoughts about his employee experience thus far and the Volta team as follows:

 “I have loved my time working for VoltaUS since I started. This has been an incredible experience for me to be working in a field so closely related to the major I am seeking to obtain from ASU. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and improving my skills at this job, along with witnessing the concepts learned from my school work applied first hand.”  

 “The best part of this company is how efficient it is run. When I come into work each day, I know that there is a dedicated task under my responsibility to complete. Everyone working here has the same goal, and that is to consistently put out the best quality work possible. It is much easier and more rewarding to work for a company that is always challenging me to do the best work that I can, and VoltaUS does this with every project I am given.”

When Nicholas was asked to describe the VoltaUS office culture, his response was:

“There is tremendous office culture within VoltaUS. Everyone loves their job, and there is always a relaxed vibe through the workplace. When sitting at my desk, I feel just as comfortable asking about a project I am working on, as I do asking about the Diamondback’s last game or a current event from the news. This environment is very motivating to work in because of how comfortable I am within it. I have never enjoyed a job as much as I do working for VoltaUS.  I have enjoyed all of my time here so far and look forward to all of the future work I will be doing here.”

We are pleased to have Nicholas Haro apart of the Volta team!