Latest addition to Volta US – Derrick Tang

VoltaUS is growing! I’d like to introduce our newest team member, Ho Yin Tang, better known as Derrick. He accepted our offer of employment as a CAD Technician on Sept 4, 2018. Check out what Derrick had to say about his employee experience thus far.

What’s the best part about team Volta? 
“When I face difficulty, everyone that works here is so nice. The team answers my questions clearly and correctly.”

10511532_10204185781222236_1874838120064219023_oHow’s your experience working at VoltaUS thus far? 
“I like working for VoltaUS. It is good experience for me to work in a field which is related to my Electrical Engineering major at ASU. I am learning a lot of useful skills while working here.”
What previous experience/background do you have that contributes to your position? 
“I am a graduate from Arizona State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.”
What do you like to do in your spare time? 
“In my spare time I like to travel around the world, visit different cultures and try their

We are pleased to have this new employee join our team. Let’s welcome Derrick to VoltaUS!

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