Latest addition to Volta US – Derrick Tang

VoltaUS is growing! I’d like to introduce our newest team member, Ho Yin Tang, better known as Derrick. He accepted our offer of employment as a CAD Technician on Sept 4, 2018. Check out what Derrick had to say about his employee experience thus far.

What’s the best part about team Volta? 
“When I face difficulty, everyone that works here is so nice. The team answers my questions clearly and correctly.”

10511532_10204185781222236_1874838120064219023_oHow’s your experience working at VoltaUS thus far? 
“I like working for VoltaUS. It is good experience for me to work in a field which is related to my Electrical Engineering major at ASU. I am learning a lot of useful skills while working here.”
What previous experience/background do you have that contributes to your position? 
“I am a graduate from Arizona State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.”
What do you like to do in your spare time? 
“In my spare time I like to travel around the world, visit different cultures and try their

We are pleased to have this new employee join our team. Let’s welcome Derrick to VoltaUS!

Latest addition to Volta US – Nick Haro


Nick Haro.jpgNicolas Haro joined our team as a Junior Designer/CAD Drafter earlier this year.    

Nicholas shared a few thoughts about his employee experience thus far and the Volta team as follows:

 “I have loved my time working for VoltaUS since I started. This has been an incredible experience for me to be working in a field so closely related to the major I am seeking to obtain from ASU. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and improving my skills at this job, along with witnessing the concepts learned from my school work applied first hand.”  

 “The best part of this company is how efficient it is run. When I come into work each day, I know that there is a dedicated task under my responsibility to complete. Everyone working here has the same goal, and that is to consistently put out the best quality work possible. It is much easier and more rewarding to work for a company that is always challenging me to do the best work that I can, and VoltaUS does this with every project I am given.”

When Nicholas was asked to describe the VoltaUS office culture, his response was:

“There is tremendous office culture within VoltaUS. Everyone loves their job, and there is always a relaxed vibe through the workplace. When sitting at my desk, I feel just as comfortable asking about a project I am working on, as I do asking about the Diamondback’s last game or a current event from the news. This environment is very motivating to work in because of how comfortable I am within it. I have never enjoyed a job as much as I do working for VoltaUS.  I have enjoyed all of my time here so far and look forward to all of the future work I will be doing here.”

We are pleased to have Nicholas Haro apart of the Volta team!

Latest addition to Volta US.

VoltaUS is growing! I’d like to introduce our newest team member, Henry Whitesinger.  He accepted our offer of employment as a CAD Technician on March 13, 2018. When Henry was asked to share a few
thoughts about his employee experience thus far, his response was:
“Since I have been working at VoltaUS, my experience has been wonderful! My coworkers all have great personalities and have welcomed me to their team. I have been receiving a lot of great training and gaining valuable experience. Working at VoltaUS has been a great experience for me and my family.” Henry also mentioned, “The best part about working with VoltaUS is the people I work with. Everyone is very knowledgeable and have created a great, stress-free team environment. I am expected to perform my job well and have received great training to set me up for success. My coworkers and their work ethic are the best part about working here.”  Henry enjoys working in a fast pace team environment and gets great satisfaction knowing he has contributed to the overall success of a project. We are pleased to have Henry Whitesinger join our
team. Let’s welcome Henry to VoltaUS!

Latest Addition to the Volta US Team – Naga Borra

nagaI’d like to introduce Naga Borra, one of the newest team members of Volta US. He accepted our offer of employment on August 4th, 2016 as Engineer I. Naga started his career as a Software Engineer at Mindtree (multi-national IT services company) right after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in India. He then relocated to the United States to receive his Master’s Degree in Electric Power and Energy Systems at Arizona State University.

Naga’s overall goal is to utilize the knowledge and experience he’s gained in the past to solve real world problems. He’s keen on making a meaningful contribution to the Energy Sector and said he feels VoltaUS provides the right environment to grow while working on live projects.

Naga shared a few thoughts about his employee experience thus far, the Volta team, and company culture as follows:

It is a great experience working at VoltaUS. Though I’m still new here, I feel that I got acquainted to the team and work culture quickly. I enjoy the type of work I do at VoltaUS. Designing the electrical circuits for distribution systems is what I do in a nutshell. It gets more and more interesting everyday as I’m exposed to a variety of electric power systems and facilities.”

Team Volta is very friendly and welcoming so it took me no time to settle down and get rolling. The scope to learn something new every day is the best part of working at VoltaUS. Every project has its own intricacies and constraints which makes it challenging and more interesting.”

It’s fun to be part of team Volta. The team is diverse and that makes it more fun. Though there are a couple of “serious” work hours of absolute silence where nothing can be heard apart from the keyboard and mouse clicks, the whole office turns into a stadium when there is an exciting baseball or football game going.” 

Outside of work, Naga enjoys traveling, hiking, watching movies and TV series. He also has a special interest in science, astronomy and technology advances. We are pleased to have Naga join our team. Let’s welcome Naga to Volta US!

New addition to Volta US

Joel SikenI’d like to introduce you to one of Volta US’s newest team members, Joel Siken. He accepted our offer of employment on February 25, 2016 as Junior Designer. Joel is originally from Lodi, California and relocated to Phoenix to attend Arizona State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. When asked why he wanted to go into electrical engineering, his response was “When I was growing up I would have nerf wars with my friends and I never felt my automatic nerf gun had enough power. Thus, I took it apart and modified it to fire at three times rate with two times the power. I forever struck fear and awe into my nerf waring friends. This was my first experience engineering something and I have enjoyed ever since.”

When asked about his experience working at Volta US thus far, Joel shared the following: “Billy (AKA the boss) buys us lunch at least once a week and picks some great places to eat. I am a little at odds with my partners-in- crime as Billy loves the Dodgers, my co-worker loves the Diamondbacks, and I love the Giants, so we will see if I am still around come playoffs. However, they are always there for me when I need advice and are some of the best mentors I know. Jasmine, our executive administrator, is one of the friendliest you can talk to. I haven’t known her long, but you wouldn’t be able to tell because we talk like we’ve been friends for years! Overall, I am proud and excited to be joining Volta US.” Joel will work closely with the engineering and technical design staff. We are looking forward to growing together as a team. Let’s welcome Joel to Volta US!

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