For owners, facility managers, and electrical contractors

We understand the serious nature of arc flash events and the importance of a safe workplace. We offer detailed arc flash hazard analysis and labeling based on the requirements of NFPA 70E and customized for client standards and compliance requirements. Our arc flash clients include Fortune 100 companies and range from small operations to entire manufacturing campuses.

Many factors may play into the decision to prepare a detailed arc flash analysis and equipment labeling including insurance requirements, safety standards, and company policies. Whether you are an owner or contractor we can help you or your client achieve compliance with NFPA 70E and can provide additional resources such as educational materials and PPE (personal protective equipment) selection guides.

During the information gathering stage, we will work with you or your representatives to gather pertinent data in order to build a detailed model of the distribution system complete with equipment, cabling, and protective devices. Detailed instructions help make the information gathering process a collaborative effort. Shared information is stored on a secure cloud based network to facilitate transfer of information.

After preparing and validating the electrical model and calculations, we ship  custom arc flash labels to you for application. Our durable vinyl labels are printed in-house with thermal printing process. Any modifications or additions to your distribution system can be updated quickly as the system grows or changes.

Benefits of arc flash analysis and available options

  • Arc flash labeling customized for the facility standards
  • New construction or existing facilities
  • 5 year reminder for updating arc flash calculations and labeling
  • Fault current calculations and time-current coordination calculations
  • Electrical distribution system modeling completed in ETAP by Operation Technology, Inc.
  • Evaluation and recommendations for reducing incident energy levels
  • Facility electrical document management services available

Contact us for a sample arc flash label or to see how arc flash analysis and labeling can help your facility.


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