We are a DIVERSE group of ENGINEERS and specialists DELIVERING technical services in a MACHINE-LIKE manner with a HUMAN TOUCH.

We thrive on challenges.

Challenging electrical engineering projects have been in our DNA for a long time. In 1966, an electrical engineer (and patent attorney) named William Bethurum III was working for Motorola in Phoenix, AZ assisting in the development of innovative semiconductor products. About twenty five years later William Bethurum IV continued in his father’s path. Challenged with engineering large scale facilities for Arco, Motorola, and other large industrial firms, William IV cut his teeth on these large complex projects. Today, now fifty years later, the Volta US team continues to accommodate the increasing intricacies of the industry through innovative design and collaborative processes.

We are grinders.

The firm’s values were born out of years of deep commitment and understanding the critical factors that determine successful projects. We have built trust through consistency in delivery, a passionate approach to projects, and an understanding of evolving technologies.  We are never satisfied with our project success and are always looking to find ways to innovate. Because we believe that excelling at anything worthwhile takes the hard road.  

We don’t just grind at the office. We carry the same spirit with us long after the workday ends, supporting our causes, with our families, or chasing bodacious goals. We can never get enough.

Our work.

Our people.

Our challenges.

Because (our) life is a grind.

Challenge our people to turn their work into your project success.